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10 Best Life Coaching Apps to Inspire Personal Growth

life coaching apps

Life coaching apps lead to personal growth by enabling consistent self-care. However, a Harris Poll found that 75% of patients haven’t discussed self-care with their physicians in the last two years, as 43% cite having more important things to focus on.

Unfortunately, discussions about self-care in healthcare are likely to dwindle even more. One reason for this is due to a report by Maryville University that found that there is an impending shortage of physicians across the country.

This shortage could reach a minimum of 100,000 by 2025, and will likely put an even greater strain on medical professionals. In turn, this makes talking to a life coach an excellent alternative. Our very own Brandi Jordan explains how life coaching helps a person reach certain goals, which, in this case, is personal growth.

Having said that, an excellent alternative to talking to a life coach is using life coaching apps. The great thing about them is that you can access them 24/7, focus on any aspect of life, and not fork over professional fees. To get you started,

Here are 10 of the best life coaching apps you can use today:

1. Remente

Remente asks you to assess your life in terms of your relationships, health and fitness, personal development, family life, social life, recreation, and finance.

Then, it shows you how to set smart goals to improve those aspects. It even has a Mood Tracker that allows you to monitor your frame of mind over time, along with a Boosts section that contains self-help articles to help you improve yourself even more.

2. Happify

As the name suggests, Happify helps you reduce stress, increase optimism, and boost self-esteem. It is fully interactive, with activities designed to strengthen the five happiness skills: savor, thankful, aspire, give, and empathize. Happify even lets you connect with a community that, like you, is looking for happiness.

3. Aloe Bud

Aloe Bud reminds you to take care of yourself via push notifications. These notifications are gentle reminders that, among other things, encourage you to take breaks, remind you to drink plenty of water, and nudge you into moving about.

In other words, Aloe Bud focuses on the nitty-gritty of self-care, all for your personal growth.

4. PathSource

PathSource is the career app you need, as it evaluates your professional skills based on a range of personality assessments and tests. Once the app has figured out the best career course, it will then offer a step-by-step guidance as to how you can reach your career goals.

It can even help you create the best, most professional résumés via its Résumé Builder function. In other words, PathSource will set you on the right path, and guide you until you get there.

5. Calm

Calm is an app that’ll calm you down for just a few minutes every day. It offers numerous meditations on a range of topics, including stress, anxiety, forgiveness, gratitude, and more.

These meditation sessions can range anywhere between 3 to 25 minutes long, and are sure to get you feeling relaxed and at peace. Do these daily and you’ll feel a lot better mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually.

6. Mindsail

Mindsail is a life coaching app that nudges you towards better emotional and mental wellbeing. It helps you cope with anxiety, get better sleep, calm your nerves, form good habits and break bad ones, and counter stress. It also has tools for personal growth, like mood-boosts — a feature that offers bite-sized sessions to help you deal with your mood on the spot.


Self-help starts with learning good habits, and gives you the tools to learn them. With the app, it’s as if you have a private coach pushing you towards personal growth.

It helps you improve your mindset, and preaches accountability, too. You can even lean on’s online community as you help yourself become a better person.

8. Blinkist

Good books can be great life coaches. Blinkist lets you listen to summaries of the world’s best books, thereby allowing you to learn from them, even without the long hours of actually reading them.

Blinkist also has a wide selection of books, including plenty about self-help and self-development. But it’s up to you to translate your learning into a better you.

9. Positivity With Andrew Johnson

Stress can get you thinking negatively. Positivity with Andrew Johnson will guide you on how to avoid a woe-is-me mindset. It does so by helping you meditate and practice deep relaxation exercises.

Complete a session and you’ll have an overall feeling of clarity and gratefulness, along with a positive mindset. That’ll help you better combat stress and appreciate life in the process.

Life Coaching App #10 – MoneyCoach

There are various aspects to personal growth, and one of them is your finances. MoneyCoach is the app for that aspect. It helps you manage your finances through a range of tools that’ll allow you to create a budget and spend wisely. The best part is that you can use MoneyCoach to set financial goals. Then, the app’s Goal Nudging AI will give you advice and pointers on how to achieve those goals.

Written by: Lara White

Lara White is a former school counselor turned life coach. She is planning to publish a life coaching blog to make the service more accessible, especially to today’s younger tech-savvy generation. Her goal as life coach is to serve young adults and help them live better lives.