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10 Best Reasons to Become a Life Coach

If you are looking to expand your life’s calling and genuinely want to serve others in a positive way, you may have considered becoming a life coach. Life coaching is a rewarding profession with numerous benefits. Let’s take a closer look at the 10 best reasons to become a life coach.

A Powerful Industry

The life coaching industry is now more popular than it has ever been before. This is not because it is a fad that sells easily and will soon fade, but because of the power within the industry that changes peoples’ lives for the better. 

This power is held by the life coaches themselves. It takes a truly dedicated, knowledgeable, and compassionate person to dive into the life of another and guide them through their innermost struggles with the intent of helping them find success and happiness. 

The life coaching industry is growing and for very good reasons.

More and more people are hiring life coaches to help them navigate the various obstacles in their lives and are seeing very positive results. These people are learning how to be happier, be more confident, lose weight, change careers, have healthier and more meaningful relationships, and reach success in their careers that they have only dreamed about their entire lives. 

Being a life coach that sees clients get these kinds of positive results is rewarding in itself and is one reason why you may want to become a life coach.

Anyone Can Become a Life Coach, but…

A popularly held belief is that since the life coaching industry is unregulated compared to therapy – which requires a formal education and degree – that anyone can call themselves a life coach. Thus, it is far more risky and difficult to find someone with the skills and know-how to coach you through personal and/or professional issues.

This is, in fact, not entirely true. Sure, there are whackos out there who charge a lot of money and claim to change peoples’ lives when in reality their own lives are a mess. For now, since the industry is unregulated, we have to practice caution when searching for the right life coach. Luckily, these kinds of people are easy to find with a little bit of social media digging or calling them on the phone to get a feel for who they are.

You can also use a life coach directory – a website dedicated solely to connecting clients and coaches based on wants/needs, areas of specialty, and compatibility. The top life coach directories require each of their life coaches to be professionally certified.

Life Coach Certificate Programs

What is also lucky for everyone, is that there are accredited certification programs that give you the knowledge and skills to become a true, professional, and trustworthy life coach.

There are thousands of people becoming life coaches with proper certificates to show. Many of these life coaches began their career elsewhere, saw success, and now want to expand their calling to helping others do the same. This, or they faced immense hardship in life, overcame every obstacle, turned their life around, and want to show other people facing similar obstacles that it is possible for them to do the same. 

There are many noble people out there who want to become a life coach so that they can serve others and make the world a better place.

If you are one of those people (or want to make additional income by expanding your professional services), there are many additional reasons to become a life coach. Let’s narrow them down and discuss what the 10 best reasons to become a life coach are.

10 Best Reasons to Become a Life Coach

1. It’s Rewarding Work

I’ve said it before and I will say it again… life coaching is a rewarding profession. If you want to feel really good about what you do for a living, this is the perfect career for you. If you want to feel proud about the work you do, become a life coach.

2. You Get to Help others

One of the best things that we can do in our lives is help others. Being a life coach means becoming someone who will help someone through some of their most difficult personal struggles in the hopes of finding more success. Your ultimate goal is not to change your client into a new person, but to help them become the best version of themselves that exists underneath the struggles and insecurities. 

3. You Love People

You love seeing the people in your life thrive and succeed. You love seeing people make positive changes and accomplish amazing things. You love being other people’s cheerleader when they chase after their goals and dreams. Now imagine being hired and paid to do that. When you become a life coach, you are your clients personal cheerleader. Not only that, but you get to work with them to design a plan of action to take to accomplish their goals and create their dream life. 

4. Develop Leadership Abilities

Not every successful leader was born with natural leadership abilities. They had to work hard to develop the skills required to be an impactful, effective leader. When you become a life coach, you begin to develop leadership abilities that you might not have thought possible for yourself. As a life coach, you lead clients through difficult life circumstances and are there to listen and provide guidance. 

5. Be Your Own Boss

Entrepreneurship is a goal that many working professionals wish to achieve. As a life coach you can get licensed to work under a company or take the entrepreneurial path. When you become a life coach you gain an opportunity to become your own boss. You no longer have to work for anyone else and play by your own set of rules. You take your potential for success into your own hands. Many life coaches use this empowerment to find success in their practice as well as freedom (which brings us to our next point). 

6. Freedom and Flexibility

As your own boss you set your own schedule. Successful life coaches have the willpower to stick to their schedules and get their work done without a boss looming over their shoulder. This gives life coaches freedom to run their business how they choose and when they choose. You can make your schedule flexible enough to maintain a steady flow of income without sacrificing valuable time enjoying your life. You can spend time with family and friends, and find time to pursue talents and hobbies outside of work if you please. You can even find time to travel – bringing us into our next reason. 

7. Work From Anywhere

Many people love the “work from home” life because of many benefits, such as getting to spend time with family. If you have a family and children at home, as a life coach you can keep your entire business online and work from your computer. Another growing trend in the entrepreneurial world is building your business from your phone and laptop and working as you travel the world, inspiring others to do the same. 

8. Financial Abundance

As a life coach and your own boss, you get to decide how much money you make. You set your own rates and take on as many clients as you decide. Starting out, most life coaches begin with lower rates and increase them as they develop more skills, gain experience, and grow their clientele. Over time and with dedication, financial abundance can be achieved. 

9. Find Inspiration in Your Clients

Life coaches and their clients have very special relationships. Life coaches have a duty to inspire their clients to make difficult decisions to propel them forward in their lives. Sometimes the road to happiness isn’t a smooth ride. Life coaches inspire their clients to walk down this road and watch as complete life transformations happen, which in turn inspires life coaches to continue their work. 

10. Use Your Newfound Skills in Your Own Life

When you become a life coach, you gain skills to help others improve their lives. This knowledge can also be applied to your own life in areas you need it, when you need it. Getting a life coach certification does not mean your life will always be perfect and you will never face challenges again, but it does mean you will have the tools at hand to face those challenges head on.