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5 Reasons to Hire an Accountability Coach

accountability coach

You may have heard about celebrities and high achieving business people who attribute their success to their Accountability Coach. What is an Accountability Coach? What are the reasons to hire your own? We will discuss these questions in the article below. 

Being Accountable Can Be Difficult

There are many reasons why people tend to struggle with accountability. Reasons such as lack of confidence, overwhelm, procrastination, or being overworked and too busy to follow through with commitments.

We have so much on our plates in our daily lives. We have to balance work, family, friends, colleagues, self-care, our health, etc. The list goes on…

Accountability is important in order for us to find success in every area of our life. We need to be able to have the inner strength and confidence to follow through with our commitments to ourselves and others, and on our goals in our personal and professional lives. 

Luckily for those struggling with this, there is such a thing as an Accountability Coach. A person whose job it is specifically to help people become the absolute best version of themselves. 

Definition of an Accountability Coach

First and foremost, accountability coach is actually an umbrella term which covers many different areas of expertise that coaches specialize in. 

These different areas include health/fitness, entrepreneurship and business, mental and/or spiritual health, and emotional trauma. 

Your coach would be an expert in an area of your life that you are struggling with accountability in. They will design a program for you to ensure that you follow through with your laid out plans and goals. 

5 Reasons to Hire an Accountability Coach

  1. Humans perform better under observation. People love to show off. When other people are watching, we tend to perform better. This isn’t just an opinion based on observation, but has actually been scientifically studied and is now termed The Hawthorne Effect. This research proved that when participants were performing under a watchful eye performed significantly better than when they weren’t. This kind of research has been duplicated many different times yielding the same exact result. Hiring an Accountability Coach would ensure that your actions will be under the examination by an expert, which in itself will help you perform much better than trying to do everything on your own.
  2. Your coach will zero in on the real issues. The main difference between an accountability coach and a life coach is that life coaching takes a much broader view of the areas of your life that need coaching. Accountability coaches zero in and focus directly on the key areas of your life that are causing you to struggle. They then build a plan around them to help you overcome these issues and help you understand why they have been holding you back. For instance, an Accountability Coach that is guiding you to reach your fitness goals may be able to identify deeper rooted issues that get in the way of you reaching them on your own, such as body image issues, self-hatred, or insecurity. They will then design a plan for you to overcome these issues so that reaching your fitness goals becomes much more achievable.
  3. You will start reaching goals, not just setting them. Many people who struggle with accountability have no problem setting high goals for themselves. They may even be perfectionists who set unrealistically high goals, which can also be why they find themselves failing to reach them time and time again. Accountability coaches can assist these types of people with setting realistic, achievable goals, and then follow through to actually reach them. 
  4. Accountability Coaches inspire you to be self-sufficient. The point of hiring an Accountability Coach isn’t to rely on someone else for the rest of your life. Your coach will give you the tools and knowledge necessary to become completely self-sufficient. This sets you up to become the most accountable, best version of your future self who sets goals and smashes them out with confidence and ease.
  5. You will learn how to show up for yourself every single day. Being accountable means showing up in every area of your life every day. It is learning how to care about yourself and future and is an act of self love. Becoming who you were always meant to be without self limitation, self doubt, or fear of the unknown. Not only you, but those in your life you love, live with, and work with will also benefit from your accountability as well. Accountability coaches will be your guide to becoming the best version of yourself.

Get the most from Accountability Coaching

The most important way to get the most from accountability coaching is by hiring the right coach.

When looking for an Accountability Coach, make sure that you meet with them either in person or over the phone before officially hiring them. You want to ensure that this is the right person to motivate you, educate you, and inspire you to make the necessary changes in your life so that you become a more accountable person.