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5 Ways a Relationship Coach Can Help

Navigating love can be quite the challenge. In this article, we talk about 5 ways a relationship coach can help.

No relationship is perfect. That is something each of us can agree on, whether it’s our friendships, family relationships, or work relationships- they all face challenges at one point or another.

Perhaps the hardest relationships to maintain are romantic relationships. When you meet the person you are destined to fall in love with, you are confronted with every side of yourself- the good and bad. Overcoming the bad while in the heat of passion isn’t always a success. 

We’re all aware of how high the divorce rate has become in recent years. In 2019, 41% of first time marriages ended in divorce.

 What measures can you take once you realize your relationship? 

Many turn to a relationship coach. A relationship coach takes individuals and couples and fine-tunes their communication skills, renews their perspective, and helps identify the root of any issues a relationship could be facing.

Here are 5 ways a relationship coach can help you and your relationship.

Understanding yourself and your partner

It takes time to get to really get to know a person. There are so many little things you continuously learn about someone over the course of a relationship. However learning the way a person operates in a relationship is a delicate practice. Many people require certain needs to be met by their partner, and when they aren’t meant with empathy or compassion, it can be the downfall of a relationship. A relationship coach can help couples see each other in a new light to gain the sense of understanding they’ve been longing for.

Bring awareness to the flaws in your relationship

We are imperfect people and that’s okay. However, there are times we may not be aware of when we are making decisions that negatively affect the people around us. Often in long-term relationships, those feelings will not be communicated effectively. Poor communication is one of the top contributors to failing relationships.  A relationship coach can help clear the air on the minor or major flaws a couple may be facing, teach them how to discuss them effectively, and work towards correcting them together.  

Working together to overcome past traumas

Our past can leave marks on our  lives that are nearly impossible to erase. The challenge lies in overcoming it, and not many can before they enter their long-term relationships. We may be unaware of these traumas, and certain aspects of our relationships triggers them. Discussing trauma with anybody is challenging, but even more so when it comes to your partner due to fear of rejection. It’s easier to push it to the back of your head and continue on in a relationship, secretly unhappy. However overcoming those traumas together can bring you closer to your partner than ever before. A relationship coach can create a safe space for you and your partner to find the root of the traumas that are disrupting the love between you.

Setting goals in your relationship

This is one that may be overlooked, but having common goals is a key factor in sustaining a healthy relationship. When it comes to financial, personal, or career-oriented goals, they need to be closely aligned with your partners as well. At the same time it is important to discuss romantic goals and milestones you’d like to set within the relationship. Without doing so you may find that the two of you have been heading in different directions for the entire course of your relationship. If you find that this is the case, a relationship coach can help the two of you plan a future that you are both happy with, while also setting personal goals that will help you grow together.

Sustaining the romance in your relationship

The honeymoon phase doesn’t last forever in most cases, as much as we may want it to. That is okay, because naturally when you spend so much time with another person, you become comfortable and normalized to their behavior. The love is still there, but what happens when the passion fades away? This is a common problem long-term relationships face: not knowing how to keep the fire burning. What a relationship coach can do in this instance is help figure out how and why it was lost in the first place and introduce new ideas to keep the romance alive.

Overcoming all obstacles

Love is a driving force- something we all strive for and cling to. At the same time, it’s precious and delicate. There is so much that can go wrong even with the right intentions.

When you’ve found the one you see the whole future with but are struggling to get there, it’s worth your time to enlist the help of a relationship coach. They can help bring on the new dynamic you’ve been looking for.