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6 Signs That It’s Time to Hire a Life Coach

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There are many reasons to hire a life coach. In fact, some of the wealthiest people in the world attribute their accomplishments to having a coach who helped guide them on their path to success. While the reasons to hire a life coach might be obvious, many people who are struggling on their own path to success hold back on the decision because they cannot see when it is time to hire one for themselves. 

Life coaches are not a one way ticket to millionaire status. They are not superhumans with abilities that you cannot possess. Life coaches are people who have been highly trained to look at someone’s life in a new perspective and utilize their area of expertise to guide decision making, which will ultimately lead their clients towards accomplishing their biggest goals.

Life coaches also hold you accountable in ways that no one has done so before in your life. Their job is to see you make improvements in your life, which inevitably involves making smarter, healthier choices and sacrificing bad habits that hold you back.

When it comes down to it, the power to find success does not come solely from hiring a life coach. The power lies in your hands to put in the work that it takes to make your dreams a reality.

If you think Michael Jordan owes all of his success to his basketball coach, think again. He did the work, dedicated his time and energy, and made his dreams come true.

However, do you think Michael Jordan would be the legendary basketball player he is known as today if he had no coach at all behind him pushing him to work harder, guiding him with a different perspective, giving him expertise on the game that he didn’t have, and mentoring him to make better decisions? Probably not. 

That is how a life coach can help you, too. 

Here are 6 signs that it’s time to hire a life coach:

1. You feel lost in life.

Life is messy and confusing. It can feel like a maze that one can easily get lost in. If you feel lost in life, you aren’t alone and there is nothing wrong with you. Many people experience this feeling at some point in their life. This is one of the signs that it is time to hire a life coach. 

Hiring a life coach is like walking through a maze, having no sense of direction, then suddenly being handed an iPhone open to a map with Siri’s voice guiding you out one step at a time.

2. You want to change your career.

Being stuck in a career that you aren’t happy with for years can cause a decline in mental health. A 2012 study published by the Journal of Career Assessment found that “dysfunctional career thoughts and occupational indecision were related to depression symptoms”. Wanting to change your career but feeling stuck in indecision and inaction will take a toll on your health. Fortunately, hiring a life coach can give you the clarity you need to make the decision to finally change your career. 

3. You have a dream but don’t know where to begin.

Everyone has a dream for what they want in life. A dream job, a dream car, a dream house, a dream body, a dream relationship, a dream life. If you are one of the few willing to chase after your dreams and make them a reality, yet have no idea where to begin, it is time to hire a life coach. 

They help you make the first and most important steps on your path to success. They will lay out a plan with realistic, actionable goals you can start now. Everything you want is on the other side of the fear, indecision, and confusion. A life coach can guide you to that other side.

4. You are a serial procrastinator.

You want to quit your job… someday. You want to eat healthier… on Monday. You want to hire a life coach… when you are ready. Take this article as a sign. The time is now.

Hiring a life coach is a solution for every serial procrastinator who constantly puts off making life changes. Life coaches hold you accountable for following through with every goal that they lay out for you. What many people suffering from procrastination tendencies really need is motivation and a clear cut plan of action. A life coach gives you these things and cheers you on as you begin unceasingly crushing goals.

5. You flake out on your goals.

Let’s say you have no problem setting goals and taking those first steps. Then, life happens and you get busy and distracted. You forget, give up, or lose motivation to continue. That is where a life coach can come in to remind you why you started. 

6. You doubt yourself.

Everyone experiences self-doubt at some point when they are pursuing their dreams. Even Meryl Streep has been known to doubt her acting abilities when she gets cast in a difficult role. The world’s most successful people weren’t all born into it. They worked hard for it, felt the struggle and discomfort, and, yes, doubted themselves, their abilities, and their worth. The difference between the, and everyone else is that they never gave up and trained their minds to think differently about themselves. Many of them also had life coaches to teach them how to do this. 

Here are some statistics about people who have hired a life coach: 80% claim that they increased their confidence, 67% improved their work-life balance, 73% measurably improved their relationships, and 72% improved their communication skills.

You are busy doubting yourself while these people are busy improving every area of their life.

If you are looking for a sign to hire a life coach, this is it.