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6 Signs You May Benefit From a Confidence Coach

People all over the world suffer from low self-esteem and struggle to find help. In this article we discuss 6 signs you may benefit from a confidence coach.

Confidence is a topic majorly discussed in our modern world. We as people have identified the many obstacles meaning to deter us from obtaining it- the media, social pressure, and even our own past and traumas.

It’s estimated that 85% of our world’s population is affected by low self-esteem. However not many people can tell you how you can personally overcome it. For some confidence comes naturally, but for the rest confidence is something you have to work towards every day.

Doing that alone can be a huge challenge on top of navigating life. There are solutions, one of them being enlisting the help of a confidence coach. A confidence coach will listen to you and strategize the best approach to building your confidence based on who you are and what needs are to be met. 

How do you know if a confidence coach is the right solution for you?

Here are 6 signs you may benefit from a confidence coach.

The idea of self-growth seems daunting

When you think about working towards your better, more confident self, are you overwhelmed with anxiety or dread? It is almost like reaching for a double-edged sword. How does one confidently confront their low self-esteem? The fear of failing can hold us back from making substantial progress in our lives. Having the support and attention from a confidence coach who is there to guide you through the process can ease the pressure of self-growth.

When you think about the future, you feel lost

Planning the next steps in your life when your confidence is low can lead you down a directionless path. You may be questioning your ability to follow through on all of the things you set out to do. Building your self confidence is the key to taking control of your life and being successful. So, if you find yourself unable to see the future cohesively, a confidence coach can give you the tools you need to find the right path. 

You have lost your motivation

Once motivation is gone, it is difficult to get it back. A loss of motivation can stem from many different places but often it stems from a place of self-doubt. When a task is large and challenging, it’s easier to say you’re not capable of completing it, then lose interest all together. In turn that becomes a default setting. A confidence coach can help reset that mentality and boost your morale towards tasks you  would normally feel unmotivated to complete.

Making connections with others is becoming a struggle

Is social interaction becoming more and more of a burden? Do you feel anxiety in a crowded room and escape to your cell phone for comfort? Self-esteem and social anxiety go hand in hand in most cases. Longing for meaningful connections but not finding it within yourself to put yourself out there is a difficult battle to overcome. A confidence coach can help you through the fear of not being accepted by your peers so you can start building fulfilling relationships in your life.  

You need a new perspective

We as people tend to get wrapped up in our everyday life, so much so it can be difficult to focus on anything else. If your confidence is suffering, your mind can end up focusing too much on the negatives. If you find yourself in this situation, the best solution is to look towards an outsider for perspective. Specifically someone who can help you look at the bigger picture and  help you find inner peace while doing so. If you’re struggling to find someone in your everyday life capable of doing so, a confidence coach can be that person for you.

Voicing your opinion frightens you

Not feeling able to speak your mind in social, work, or family related situations will lead to feeling trapped by your own psyche. If there is a situation that is upsetting to you and you feel there is no way out because you are scared of another person’s reaction, you will end up sacrificing your own happiness and growth. This is one of the most common signs of a lack of confidence. A confidence coach can help break down those walls and help you feel heard again.

Seeking Change

Confidence is a broad emotion that can affect various aspects of your life. It is crucial to your mental health to evaluate the areas that need improvement, and act on it accordingly.

Building your confidence to where it should be will open doorways in your relationships, your career, and your future.

There are many solutions out there if you suffer from low self-esteem, but most of us just need the emotional support of someone who has our best interest in mind. A confidence coach can be beneficial for those who need guidance and positivity incorporated in their lives so they can reach their goals.