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About LCP

Life Coaching Press seeks to spread informative and inspiring news about life coaches and the coaching industry.

We cover all areas of coaching: life coaching, relationship coaching, executive coaching, health coaching, performance coaching, sales coaching and everything in between. If the topic is coaching, we want to be all over it.

We may need your help if you want to write for us!

Why do we report on the coaching industry?

We believe coaching of all kinds has transformative power and we love the coaching industry. Important to us is that coaching in general remains free of restrictive government regulations that tend to breed mediocre practitioners.

There’s a downside to the lack of regulation to be sure, but we believe the coaching industry is best left alone to develop organically.

Life Coaching Press is here to report on individual coaches, coaching agencies, coach training institutes, research and development industry-wide, and evidence that life coaching is a worthwhile endeavor.

We won’t overlook the weaknesses, mistakes and potential dangers to the consumer that unregulated life coaching presents, either.

Life Coaching Press is a division of the iNLP Center and edited by Mike Bundrant.