Thursday, Apr 09, 2020

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Health Coach vs Personal Trainer: What are the most important differences?

A quick rundown on health coach vs personal trainer by Jen Bundrant I had no idea of the difference between ahealth coach vs personal trainer, yet I remember making the decision in my young adult life to eat healthily and join a gym. Growing up, I was in sports and active outside, so I was always in shape. I ate […]

Four Ways Private Yoga Sessions Represent a Breakthrough Form of Coaching

Guest submission by Bri Jackson Note: The benefits of a consistent yoga practice are vast and well supported. Increased physical and mental flexibility, decreased pain and inflammation, improved digestion and circulation, and cultivation of a more authentic, healthy and focused life are among the advantages a personal yoga practice can deliver. In this post we will reveal: You may be […]

Wellness Coaching Continues to Appear in Mainstream Press

This is good news for consumers and for the life and wellness coaching industry. The world needs more coaching. Coaches take notice! More and More People Suffer from Burn Out Gone are the days where you would work your normal shift, go home, and relax. More people are working around the clock, as the cost of living increases but wages […]