Thursday, Apr 09, 2020

Los Angeles, CA • USA

10 Best Life Coaching Apps to Inspire Personal Growth

Life coaching apps lead to personal growth by enabling consistent self-care. However, a Harris Poll found that 75% of patients haven’t discussed self-care with their physicians in the last two years, as 43% cite having more important things to focus on. Unfortunately, discussions about self-care in healthcare are likely to dwindle even more. One reason for this is due to […]

Life Coach Ebru Yildirim Of Unlocked Potentials Shares On Achieving Personal Goals For 2020

Dubai, UAE, January 26, 2020 – In the era of social media, there is constant pressure to always look and feel your best, and portray the same to others. And it’s something that affects an individual’s mindset when it comes to their self-esteem, confidence and personal growth. Everyone seems to outrun each other in every phase of life, making life […]

Connirae Andreas to Present Core Transformation at iNLP Center in Free Introductory Webinar

Connirae Andreas, beside her sister, Tamara, will present a free introductory webinar on Core Transformation at the iNLP Center. This free webinar will be help on Wednesday, February 12 at 2 PM Pacific Time. All attendees must register at the link below: This program will be recorded but we’re not sure at this point where the recording will be […]

How life coaching can help when you’re feeling unmotivated

Motivation is a deeper topic than you might think at first glance.  On the outside, an unmotivated person might seem as if they just need a strong coffee and a little nudge.  But when you peel back the layers, there is usually a much deeper thread to find. If you find yourself truly unmotivated, it can often be linked to […]

NLP Presupposition Review: Behind Every Behavior is a Positive Intention

There is a much-used concept in Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP: Behind every behaviour is a positive intention. At first glance this might sound a little naïve, to assume that everybody is motivated by good intentions.  You might consider all the bad things that happen in the world and wonder how this concept can possibly be valid when people are committing […]

MCC Level Coaching: What’s It Like?

We’ve been doing some research into MCC level coaching and would like to report some interesting findings. The research comes from listening to recorded coaching sessions done by MCC credentialed coaches. Since the recorded information is privileged, we are not at liberty to disclose the source or the names of the life coaches and their clients. Further, the findings are […]

Is it Time to Declutter Your Relationships? (Coaching Tools Review)

There has been a great deal of buzz lately about simplifying and decluttering our homes and spaces, and with good reason. There are a myriad of benefits that follow eliminating the junk that tends to accumulate in our lives. In the process of taking stock of and paring down our belongings, we often confront the attachments and beliefs we hold […]

A Review of Adam Sicinski’s IQ Matrix

By Hannah Rowanwood I have to admit, when I first laid eyes on the behemoth that is Adam Sicinski’s MasterMind Matrix, I was a little overwhelmed. Ok, a lot overwhelmed. Reading through the blog entry describing the scope and depth of the information it contained didn’t really ease the sensation, and I began to feel as though I had just […]