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Connirae Andreas to Present Core Transformation at iNLP Center in Free Introductory Webinar


Connirae Andreas, beside her sister, Tamara, will present a free introductory webinar on Core Transformation at the iNLP Center.

This free webinar will be help on Wednesday, February 12 at 2 PM Pacific Time. All attendees must register at the link below:

This program will be recorded but we’re not sure at this point where the recording will be hosted for playback.

Connirae Andreas and her sister, Tamara, will join iNLP Center co-founder Mike Bundrant, who will conduct the webinar much like an interview. Bundrant is likely to ask the following questions to Connirae and Tamara.

Questions for Connirae Andreas

Background: Connirae Andreas and her husband, Steve, were instrumental in developing the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. In fact, Bundrant cannot fathom how the field would have come into its own without the Andreas’ contributions.

It’s likely that Connirae Andreas will address historical questions about NLP, such as:

  • What was it about NLP that captured your interest back in the early days?
  • What did it feel like to be involved back then?
  • Has the field of NLP developed according to your expectations?
  • Besides Core Transformation, what are your favorite NLP techniques?
  • What’s missing from NLP?
  • How did Core transformation develop?
  • What was it like working 1-1 with Milton Erickson?
  • What kinds of problems does Core Transformation help solve?

Join the iNLP Center and Connirae Andrea for this free event by registering at the link below.