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How to Grow Your Coaching Business

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Being a coach and helping others reach their goals is so gratifying, it is hard to consider coaching a job. The reason we became coaches is that we feel most alive when we engage with others and help them overcome blockages that get in the way of actualizing their passions.

The hardest part for any coach that I know, especially new ones, is attracting clients. Once we’ve worked through our natural base of friends, family, and their referrals, how do we keep our calendar full so that we can fulfill our dreams as well?

We’re coaches not marketeers, right? And of course there’s marketing, and then there’s digital marketing. I’ve you’re like me, you have necessary internet skills but are not exactly an internet marketing guru. Fortunately, you don’t have to be to grow your business online. 

Here are three things you can do right from your smartphone:

1. Niche out to peace out (of your unfulfilling day job )

You are amazing at that one or two things that inspired you to be a coach. Be true to yourself and coach within that niche. You’ll be happier, and you will attract more clients because you will be perceived as a specialist. You don’t need me to tell you to capitalize on social media but make sure your marketing to the right audience. If you’re an NLP coach with a sub-specialty, narrow in on it. For career coaches, LinkedIn and Twitter are probably your best friend, but FaceBook and Instagram might be better for the personal-growth coaches. Whatever platform you use, video is hot right now and gets attention. Don’t worry if you’re not a videographer; you only need to be confident and sincere in your message. Research shows that raw and real videos perform better than gimmicky templates. Whatever modality you choose, deliver value to your followers, engage with them, and help them whenever possible.

2. Guest Blogging

Blogs are the gift that keeps giving. In this new era of marketing, it’s all about content and what can you do to help others. Submitting your work on guest sites gives you a chance to showcase your expertise to a whole new audience and teach them how your services can be of value to them. You will gain a “backlink” which will help boost the SEO of your website if you have one, and it is timeless. You could easily pick up clients based on your article, today, tomorrow and five years from now. If you’re already blogging, why not leverage your hard work? Simply “refresh” your writing so that it is not duplicate and submit it. If you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on marketing, guest posting is a quicker route to getting your name out there. 

3. Join an online client lead referral service

These platforms do extensive marketing to draw traffic to their site. People who are interested in finding a coach register (for free) and through the platform, coaches can get information about potential candidates. If they are interested in having a consult with the prospective client, they “buy” the lead contact information. There a few platforms out there and they all work a little different. The bigger sites charge annual fees, and some take a commission for clients that enroll with you through their platform. There are sites that you simply pay for the lead, but they do not limit the number of coaches who can “buy” the lead information so you could end up competing with ten other coaches. There is some risk that you could buy a lead, and the client does not register with you, but coaching like any business is a numbers game. The average coach enrolls 20-40% of the clients they consult with.  

Life Coach Library is an online platform that connects anyone looking to improve their life with a coach to certified life-coaches. Why not let us worry about marketing and attracting potential clients while you do what you love: COACH others! You always keep 100% of your coaching fees. We are confident our lead costs are amongst the lowest ($10-12 each), and we will never allow more than three coaches to purchase a single lead. Our blog welcomes guest posts written by coaches. For more detailed information about how Life Coach Library can help you grow your business, visit us at our For Coaches and/or the (free) Registration page. All certified coaches who register will receive one FREE client lead. 

 Online coaching is explosive and expected to grow through 2023. There are many opportunities for coaches to grow their business if they are willing to invest time and resources into marketing themselves.