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How to Start Exercising? Top Tips to Make Exercising a Habit

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how to start exercising

Guest post by Sherry Kimball

One of the greatest challenges, as you start exercising, is that your motivation flames out quickly, or you don’t have the self-confidence to take the positive steps. Regardless of your fitness level, there are different ways you can start exercising and make it more fun and less intimidating.

As you plan to start exercising after years of inactivity, one of the greatest hurdles you are bound to face is getting out of your inactive lifestyle. Understand that exercising has plenty of health benefits ranging from reducing depression, stress, anxiety to improving sleep, mood, and energy. Aside from the health benefits of regular exercising, it’s still advisable that you take a smart approach and have the right mindset to make exercising a habit.

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Start Small but Be Sure to Follow Through

When starting a new exercise, one crucial aspect that makes it a habit is the belief that you can easily accomplish it. It would help if you didn’t think about doing hardcore training or working out for an hour. Settle for workouts you can do even when you are low on motivation, stressed, or tired. Some of the simple workouts you should consider include easy and quick core workouts, especially the five exercises to build a strong core.

The other way to exercise and make it a habit is through exercises at home. Some of the exercises you should consider doing include back extensions, crunches, and so on. If you want to start exercising for weight loss, the exercises that should be top of your list include lunges, wall pushups, and chair squats.

Automatic Cues Can Provide the Motivation You Desire

If you want to start a new exercise and stick to it, make sure that start exercising motivation. To achieve this, you need to have triggers that let you know when it’s time to exercise. It could be creating a schedule on your calendar that sets out the days you can squeeze in your exercises. You could probably start exercising after dinner or a walk after lunch.

It would be best if you still considered writing your workout plan and putting it under your bed. This way, whenever you wake up in the morning, it’s the first thing you see.

Learn to Get Accountable

If you are always procrastinating about how to start exercising daily, it’s probably time to find an accountability partner. This could either be a friend, coach, or trainer. Aside from the feedback, you get when you start exercising, and accountability partner invaluable advice will help you stick to your routine.

If you want to take your accountability a notch, you may want to consider paying your coach or trainer. Knowing that you are losing cash every time you miss a session is a motivation enough not to miss a workout when you start training.  

Have a Cause

If you want to start exercising today, you need a plan on what you intend to achieve in your workout. This is one of the aspects that will help you get motivated to pursue it to completion. Most people exercise regularly because they want to look great or get fit in case of an emergency. Whatever the reason for your workout, you have to make sure that you write it down and refer to it every day.

Every time you don’t feel like exercising, your notes will remind you why you are regularly exercising.

Wrapping Up

When you start exercising, there is a lot of expectation about what you can and cannot achieve. So, before putting your time into an exercise, you must settle on activities that you like. You should even strive to add a link to your new habit, and ultimately you’ll not find exercising a challenge. If you are working out to attain a goal such as weight loss, you have to understand that the process takes time, and you should be consistent.

Did you recently start exercising? What are some of the things that are helping you stick to your routine? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Sherry is a consultant and has been involved in many successful projects with a range of companies throughout the country. She enjoys researching, discussing, and writing on the topics of relationships, wellness, and sport. When not absorbed in the latest gripping articles, Sherry loves cooking, doing sports, and otherwise spends far much time at the computer.