I Hate My Job – 5 Signs That It’s Time to Move On

This article is dedicated to those of you that hate your job. Here are 5 signs that it is time to move on and find a job that you can say you love.

We spend a lot of time at work. In fact, the average amount of time we spend at our job over the course of our lifetime comes out to 13 years and two months. If you work overtime, that jumps up to 14 years and five months total. Knowing these statistics, you would agree that where we work is immensely important. 

Considering that we spend about a quarter of our lives dedicated to our job, would you also agree that is it important to love your job as well? Unfortunately, there are many people out there who do not. 

If you find yourself thinking I hate my job far too often, it may be time to move on. 

Making this decision can be scary, which is why many people will find contentment in complacency. There is nothing wrong with finding comfort in your work, even if you are not advancing. If you are absolutely happy with staying exactly where you are, this article is not for you.

Being complacent means that you never feel fully satisfied or fulfilled in your work. Yet, the fear of voluntarily leaving your cozy desk and entering the job market is so paralyzing, you would rather settle for complacency, believing it is the safer option for your career. 

You may put up with the overly strict policies, an incompetent boss, or lack of acknowledgement because of the stream of money slowly, but surely, trickling into your account that provides you with a sense of stability and control in your life.

However, sometimes staying at the wrong job can be detrimental to your career. What’s worse, it can also lead to anxiety, depression, insomnia, and nervousness, according to the American Psychology Association.

We all deserve to do what we love and love what we do. 

If you have done everything you can to make your work more tolerable but have come to your wit’s end and still hate your job, it may be time to make a change.

Here are 5 signs that it’s time to move on

1. You dread going into work.

Having a case of the “Monday blues” is one thing. Dreading stepping into work from the moment you wake up every single morning is another. It may be a sign that you hate your job. 

There are times in our lives where we have to deal with jobs that aren’t necessarily what we want to do with the rest of our lives and where the work is difficult, however we know down the road it is leading us in the direction we want to take our career. We know there is room for advancement, so everyday we muster up the strength to get through the difficult parts of the job. 

However, when we are stuck in a dead end position and absolutely dread going into work everyday to the point where we feel forced to go in, it may be time to move on. 

2. Your boss, colleagues, and environment make you miserable.

Finding happiness in your work is not all about the functions and tasks that we perform on a daily basis, but also a myriad of other factors that play into it. Who you work for – your bosses and their management styles, the business owners and how they run the business, human resources, etc. – has a direct effect on your overall happiness. 

The leadership in companies should have specific goals and outcomes that you agree with and feel good about supporting. Your colleagues and their happiness is important too, so if you notice they aren’t being treated well it may be a sign that you may also be at risk of poor treatment. 

If you are surrounded by insubordinate colleagues, bullies, inappropriate, or otherwise intolerable coworkers who receive no discipline for their behavior, it can take a mental toll and may be a sign that it’s time to move on. 

Your work environment plays a critical role in your mental health, and if it is full of toxicity it will seep into your life in one way or another.  

3. You don’t feel good about the work you’re doing.

Many people struggle with having jobs that they aren’t proud of. The work they do every day is not work they feel good about doing, yet they continue to do it. There can be a number of reasons why you don’t feel a sense of fulfilment in the work that you do. 

You may not support the company’s goals or vision and feel guilty working for them. You may be bored and passionless in your work and in need of something more challenging. You may want to feel more like you’re doing something positive and contributing to the world in a good way. 

Whatever the reason is behind it, you crave a sense of accomplishment in your work. You want to be proud of achieving something that you care about.  Or, you simply want to feel good about what you do for a living. 

4. You have untapped skills and talents.

If you know that you can bring a lot more to the table than what your work allows, yet your skills go unacknowledged, it can be damaging to your happiness and cause you to hate your job. While you may be good at what you are required to do, you may have talents that lie elsewhere.

If you have underlying skills that your company is not taking advantage of by nurturing them to help you grow, then it might be time to find a company that will. It may also be a time to branch out on your own to chase your passions by starting your business built upon your talents and passion.

5. You are dreaming about living your life’s purpose.

If you are not living your dream at your job, you may find yourself dreaming of something more. You know deep down what you are capable of. You know you were meant for something greater. You know that you have a life purpose that lies outside of your current position. That feeling does not go away on it’s own and may be telling you that it is time to move on from your current job and on to something far greater.