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A Review of Adam Sicinski’s IQ Matrix

By Hannah Rowanwood

I have to admit, when I first laid eyes on the behemoth that is Adam Sicinski’s MasterMind Matrix, I was a little overwhelmed. Ok, a lot overwhelmed. Reading through the blog entry describing the scope and depth of the information it contained didn’t really ease the sensation, and I began to feel as though I had just taken the red pill.

Not one to back away from a challenge, I decided on a different approach to my investigation, and started at the beginning – the IQ Matrix website – which in its own right is a wonderful rabbit hole of information and content. Here, I was able to learn a little more about mind maps, and what the big fuss is about these diagrammatic tools.

A mind map, according to IQ Matrix, is ‘a diagram or picture used to visually outline information’. Evidently, the use of mind maps dates back to the 3rd century, but they have only recently gained scientific merit for their profound ability to effectively transmit bulky or complex concepts in a simple, understandable manner.

Though Adam is not the first to create mind maps (perhaps originated by Porphyry of Tyros, a noted thinker of the 3rd century), he has definitely created the magnum opus of them all.

The MasterMind Matrix is a truly monumental map encompassing what seems to be every gem, technique or tool from every important work and author on the subjects of the human psyche, personal development, neuroscience, quantum and cognitive psychology, NLP and life coaching ever written.

The MasterMind Matrix is a truly monumental map encompassing what seems to be every gem, technique or tool from every important work and author on the subjects of the human psyche, personal development, neuroscience, quantum and cognitive psychology, NLP and life coaching ever written. Combined with his own significant experience as a life skills coach, Adam has somehow put all of this information and wisdom into one huge, crazy, colourful, complex mind map… AND managed to make it understandable and easy to navigate!

Now, I should mention that the IQ Matrix store offers a vast array of smaller mind maps on an exhaustive list of topics, all aimed at assisting the aspiring life coach (or those interested in self-coaching) in helping themselves or others understand the human condition and improve quality of life. But the MasterMind Matrix – the mother ship – had me in its spell.

Using the Matrix was an experience somewhere between reading a complex treasure map, and playing a very long game of Dungeons and Dragons. It was intimidating, and still a little overwhelming in its scope, but I felt drawn into ‘playing’ it. In fact, several of the many positive testimonials on the IQ Matrix website referred similarly to this feeling of wanting to go on some sort of epic journey of self-discovery, taking a new section of the map each day and exploring it before moving onto the next.

As the adventurer, one could choose to stay on the surface, skimming the map’s compelling (and often humorous) visuals for a sense of things at a glance, or dive deeper into the vast quantities of wisdom contained within each point, as needed or desired.

To ‘play’ with the smaller, single topic maps, and to gain the most benefit from them, Adam suggests following the actionable steps (the black lines within any given map) for just 15 minutes a week. Who knew self-growth and discovery could be so engaging? It felt like playing a board game for the psyche.

According to his bio, Adam spent many years collecting and collating the information that was to become the MasterMind Matrix, and it is this all-encompassing chart that forms the basis of each and every one of the over 300 individual mind maps currently being offered in the IQ Matrix e-commerce store.

Once in the store, one can browse by category (i.e. Career Success, Life Coaching, Goal Setting) and purchase bundles of related maps, or select single maps of particular interest (i.e. Coping with Grief, Being More Thoughtful, or Dealing with Bullies). Prices are very reasonable ($7.00 US for a single mind map; $30 to $100 US for bundles), and the electronic downloads are instant, and each fits on a single sheet of paper for ease of use, viewing and printing (with the exception of the MasterMind Matrix, for which I believe full-colour printed copies are available for purchase as a part of the MasterMind Matrix bundle).

Another of the many aspects of Adam and the IQ Matrix site that impressed me was the wealth of information he and his team offer free of charge. One can download over 30 free individual mind maps on a variety of self-growth topics, or browse the MasterMind Matrix Knowledge Base for an extensive glossary of the terms and concepts listed on the various maps. Once you’ve become a member, most bundle purchases also come with a lifetime of free updates and other bonus material.

Though my initial investigation and overview of the IQ Matrix material was relatively cursory, I very quickly got a sense of the vast potential it holds, both for personal growth and development, and as an aspiring life coach. There are individual maps for every conceivable life coaching scenario, as well as a comprehensive collection of maps designed to support the life coach in his or her coaching practice through development of necessary skills, life coaching approaches, how to structure a first coaching session, and even addressing life coaching mistakes.

Looking through the selection of maps and reading through Adam’s personal account of his struggles to start and build his own Life Coaching practice gave me such a feeling of possibility – finally, a clear and structured framework for coaching! The maps could easily be used as study and preparation guides for new coaches, or they could be printed and worked on directly with a client. Other maps could be easily accessed as new client issues emerged, for ongoing support in one’s coaching practice.

So, if you’re looking for the quintessential operating manual for being human, or seeking a structured framework for building and supporting your new Life Coaching practice, (or maybe just wanting to relive your Dungeons and Dragons days), I highly recommend visiting Adam Sicinski’s IQ Matrix site today.