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Life Coach Ebru Yildirim Of Unlocked Potentials Shares On Achieving Personal Goals For 2020

Ebru Yildirim life coach goals

Dubai, UAE, January 26, 2020 – In the era of social media, there is constant pressure to always look and feel your best, and portray the same to others.

And it’s something that affects an individual’s mindset when it comes to their self-esteem, confidence and personal growth. Everyone seems to outrun each other in every phase of life, making life feel like a rat race. 

Career and Personal Branding Life Coach Ebru Goksu Yildirim of Unlocked Potentials talks about how important it is to invest in one’s personal growth and trust in one’s self to achieve their goals this year.

We chart our own path in life, and in the process, we encounter experiences that make us doubt our own abilities and brood in our imperfections. This acts as a roadblock in achieving our true potential. Ebru went on to explain that several people fail to realize their strengths, and only tend to focus and acknowledge their weaknesses.

Self-awareness can only be made possible if people take the time to invest in themselves. This also means accepting their imperfections and weaknesses. This will enable them to have an awareness about the things they have to improve on and the strengths they can leverage to achieve their goals not just for this year but for the long term.

Ebru Yildirim

Using weaknesses as an advantage is a way to invest in one’s personal growth. The most important things in life are the ones that are intangible and this includes the skills and knowledge we learn as we invest in ourselves. Ebru says, 

Skills and knowledge will remain, despite the vicissitudes in life that we experience. This is the power of self. We are our greatest asset. And developing the capability to achieve personal goals starts with investing in one’s personal growth. 

Ebru Yildirim

When it comes to social media, Ebru states that it can impair self-esteem. A study from the University of Michigan indicated that social media use can bring about a decline in one’s well being and has been associated with anxiety, envy, and self-doubt. 

Nobody will post their behind-the-scenes and imperfections on social media. What people see are only the highlights of their life. The reality is, we humans are vulnerable and we are not perfect. The things we see on social media should not deter us from reaching our goals. We should focus instead on investing in ourselves rather than comparing our achievements with others. We must remember that each one of us is running their own race, at their own pace, and at their own time.

Ebru Yildirim


Life, Career and Personal Branding Coach Ebru Goksu Yildirim of Unlocked Potentials shares advice about investing in personal growth to achieve goals this 2020.