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How to Use Life Coach Spotter to Get New Clients


Life Coach Spotter review by Mike Bundrant

In this article:

  • The problem many new life coaches have: Finding clients
  • A brief overview of the life coaching website, Life Coach Spotter
  • How Life Coach Spotter works for life coaches and clients
  • A case study with four leads from Life Coach Spotter
  • How Life Coach Spotter works in a life coach marketing plan

The BIG Problem Life Coaches Have

Having trained life coaches since the late 1990’s. I know the number one challenge facing every life coach: How to get new clients.

It’s no small challenge. Once you’ve invested in training, often spending thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours studying, you want to make your dream of being a successful life coach come true. And precious few people in the coach marketing industry will tell you how hard it is to start a successful business in this niche.

If you need to know how to get new life coaching clients, you should at least consider purchasing leads. That’s right. Pay a relatively small fee for the opportunity to speak to someone who is actively seeking a life coach.

Buying leads is tricky at best, which is why I insisted on testing Life Coach Spotter myself for a full year before recommending it to anyone, especially iNLP Center students. I’ll give you the results of my experiment in this post.

A Brief Overview of Life Coach Spotter

Life Coach Spotter is a website that allows people searching for a life coach to connect with coaches who may be able to help them. I don’t remember how I came across it but ended up reaching out to the founder, Tom Casano, to learn more.

I’ve interacted with Tom for many months now. I also asked Tom to send me several references before I began using his service. Normally I wouldn’t do this before trying out an inexpensive service, but when you refer your own clients to a business, you want to know for sure they are going to be well-received and treated fairly.

I received around 10 emails from life coaches who use Life Coach Spotter. They sang Tom Casano’s praises and swore by the service Life Coach Spotter offers. Of course, Tom wasn’t going to ask disgruntled coaches to email me. We know the drill, right?

Still, the volume of emails I received was impressive. I learned there are indeed coaches who use the service successfully and were willing to vouch for Tom’s integrity.

The real test was still to come: my own experiments with the Life Coach Spotter service.

How it Works

Life coach career

How Clients Use Life Coach Spotter

The life coach spotter website content is mostly geared toward people who are seeking a life coach. These potential clients use search terms like “how to find a life coach.” Life Coach Spotter comes up pretty well for a variety of terms such as this.

When those seeking a coach browse Life Coach Spotter and like what they see, they have the opportunity to be contacted by a life coach. There’s no cost or obligation to these prospective coaching clients. If they want a life coach to get in touch with them and set up a time to talk about coaching, they can submit a simple form with their email address and some brief information about what they are seeking.

After submitting the form, prospective clients wait for an email from a life coach offering to set up a time to discuss coaching. Simple.

How Life Coaches Use Life Coach Spotter

If you’re a life coach looking for new clients, you can register to be a coach on Life Coach Spotter. When you do this, you will have the chance to contact prospective clients who have filled out the above-mentioned form. You can be one of the coaches who responds when clients ask to be contacted.

This is where Life Coach Spotter gets paid. When you receive notice that a new client has inquired about coaching, you may then place a bid on the lead. As a Life Coach Spotter registered coach, I get several emails every day with potential new clients. I can place a bid on any or all of them, based on the information provided.

This initial email gives you the potential new client’s first name, with a little information about what he or she is searching for in a life coach. Here’s a screenshot from an actual Life Coach Spotter lead I received yesterday.

life coach spotter lead

Read the lead and decide if this sounds like someone you want to contact. If so, you can log into your account and place a bid on the lead. It costs money to get a lead. You must preload funds into your account via PayPal before you can bid. Bids start at $15 USD and go up from there. I’ve never paid more than $20 for a lead.

The bidding window for each lead is open for just 30 minutes from when the lead arrives. If you miss that tight window, you cannot bid on the lead. If you do bid, you’ll know quickly whether or not you won a chance at the client. Every lead goes to the three highest bidders among the Life Coach Spotter coaches who bid for any given lead.

You read that right. If you win a bid, you have just purchased a chance, along with two other Life Coach Spotter coaches, to win the client. Now, you’re in a friendly competition with (you never find out who) other coaches who have just bought the same lead and want the client, too.

No offense intended, but if you think this is unfair or a little cutthroat, then you are as naïve as the day is long. I used to advertise a franchise offering on sites that sell leads to franchisors.

Now, THAT business is dog-eat-dog! When you’re a franchisor, you’re up against dozens, if not hundreds of competitors and the referral sites automatically send your precious prospects (that you paid for) to your competitors who advertise on the same franchise portal. Insane.

Life Coach Spotter is more than fair. After all, the client needs to have a choice and will investigate other life coaches anyway. If a client is right for you, Life Coach Spotter gives you a very reasonable shot at proving it.

That’s how it works. Clients come to Life Coach Spotter to inquire. Registered coaches pay for the opportunity to contact those clients. If you’re a coach, you’ll get leads, period. Registration as a coach is free and there is never an obligation to bid on leads.

A Case Study with Four Leads from Life Coach Spotter

Over a period of one year, May 2016 – May 2017, I purchased four leads from Life Coach Spotter.

Before I spill the beans about what specifically happened with each lead, you should know this:

The only reason I purchased these leads was to learn the system and decide if I’d recommend Life Coach Spotter to iNLP Center life coaching students.

I didn’t really have room in my limited coaching practice but made room for one new client at a time to do this test. This put me in an interesting position. I wasn’t desperate and didn’t care, honestly, whether or not the system panned out.

This turned out to be an advantage, as I was willing to just follow Tom’s recommendations for how to treat leads, rather than invent something new.

life coach marketing case study

Here are the results:

Lead #1
I paid $15 for this lead and never heard back from the client. Nothing.

Loss: $15

Lead #2
I paid $15 for this lead and got the client!

She coached with me for two sessions at $75 each. FYI, I lowered my rates from $125/hr to $75 spontaneously when she mentioned in the introduction call that money was tight. Normally, I’d refer her to less expensive coaches, but in this case I just wanted to get a Life Coach Spotter client!

Profit: $135 (Revenue: $150 – $15 for the lead).

Lead #3
I paid $20 for this lead

The client responded to my first email contact, but not the second.
I assumed he had chosen another of the coaches who won the bid.

Loss: $20

Lead #4
I paid $20 for this lead.

The client responded to my first email, and we emailed back and forth over a week’s time. After that, she scheduled a free, 20-minute call and signed on as a client. She participated in 12 coaching sessions at $125 per session. And she was an excellent client!

Profit: $1480 ($1550 in coaching less $20 for the lead)


Investment in leads: $70
Coaching Fees: $1650
Gross Profit: $1580
Return on Investment: 2,257.14%

(If only my retirement accounts did so well.)

How Life Coach Spotter Could Work in an Overall Marketing Plan

If I were assertively adding clients to my roster, I would invest further into the Life Coach Spotter system. I’ve only purchased four leads, so I don’t know that I’d be ready at this point to go all in. I also wouldn’t plan on building an entire life coaching business around it.

I’d do something like this:

Devote $500 to buying as many leads that seem to be a fit during a month or so. I wouldn’t judge it further until I knew the ROI for that investment. If the return were anything close to my previous results, then I’d set a max budget, given other marketing projects and just work it as a system until no longer needed.

I feel good about suggesting others do the same. Meaning, start small and from a place of non-desperation. See what happens then ramp up or cut losses accordingly.

Risks, Warnings, and Random Thoughts

Don’t invest money you cannot afford to lose. It should be part of a marketing budget. Marketing dollars of any kind represent an inherent (and high) risk.

There is no guarantee that all Life Coach Spotter leads are legitimate. When I mentioned this to Tom – actually I didn’t have to bring it up – he offered up this reality without being asked. Tom does not have control over who fills out a form on his website. A percentage of the leads are going to be bogus. I don’t know what percentage are solid leads. That’s life.

The right perspective on buying leads…

Big picture. Don’t count on any single lead panning out. Count on a small percentage of leads converting into clients over time.

If you’re a life coach, you charge enough (or should) to more than cover this relatively low cost for leads, including the bad ones. A new client who coaches for an average length of time with you should represent at least $1000. If you convert one in ten leads, you are still way ahead of the game.

Don’t count on one marketing source to feed your business. You should develop several sources of clients, including referrals, speaking engagements, advertising funnels, search engine optimization for your specific niche, your own mailing list, etc…Life Coach Spotter is one of several potential sources of clients.

How you handle the leads you win makes ALL the difference. I followed Tom’s suggestions regarding what to say to prospects in the first and second emails. It worked. The biggest mistake would be to blow your chances with a lead because you overwhelm them with too much information in the first email, for example. You have to give them compelling bite-size emails at first.

Marketing = Hard Work + Time

marketing hard work - effort

If you don’t invest some cash and work your tail off with smart marketing strategies, how do you expect to grow your business?

Nobody cares that you’re a life coach, honestly. Worse, life coaching doesn’t even mean much to most people. To get clients, you’ve got to become an expert marketer, get your message right and take the risks necessary to grow a business, little by little, over time.

It’s worth doing. And it’s the only way to succeed.

Finally, if you decide to try Life Coach Spotter based on this review, I hope your results are as promising mine were. But it’s critical to understand the following: There are no guarantees. You may invest your marketing dollars and have ZERO results with Life Coach Spotter. A lot of factors, including the way you interact with the leads, determine success.

Beyond that, my experiment with four leads doesn’t even come close to proving the concept. I may have a knack for closing life coaching sales. I may have just gotten lucky. 

You never know.

Neither Life Coaching Press nor Mike Bundrant has any affiliation or business interest with Life Coach Spotter. This article is a non-commercial review that is independent of Life Coach Spotter and Tom Casano. No funds or favors were or will be exchanged as motivation to write this review.