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Life Coaching FAQ

life coaching faq

This is an ever-developing list of commonly asked life coaching questions. The following list of questions and answers is geared toward people who want to learn more about the life coaching industry.

1. Why take an NLP-based life coach training?

Because NLP is the how-to of life coaching.

The most comprehensive set of communication skills ever developed, Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP gives life coaches the step-by-step processes that get results for clients.

Without the specific guidance NLP techniques offer, many new life coaches find themselves a little lost as to what to actually do with their clients. Regarding the value of NLP to new and prospective life coaches, iNLP Center co-founder Mike Bundrant said the following:

We know how much value NLP training adds to life coaching when people who have been coaching for years tell us how much more confidence these tools have given them.

-Mike Bundrant, Co-Founder, iNLP Center.

To read a little more about the kinds of techniques NLP offers, read the iNLP Center article: 5 NLP Techniques Every Life Coach Should Know.