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Milestone: iNLP Center Conducts 1000th Life Coaching Class

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“It came and went without much fanfare,” said Hope Bundrant, Director of the iNLP Center.

“Yet, there it was. When I logged into the iNLP Center learning platform, I suddenly noticed that our 1000th life coaching certification class was in progress.”

Just over a year ago, iNLP began offering live, virtual classes as part of its ICF accredited life coach training program. The classes were a huge hit among students, who claim the instructors help them integrate their learning in a real-world way.

Online learning is the wave of the future. There are still some naysayers, as there should be. Some people still insist on going to a traditional training where you can meet the instructors and other students face-to-face.

Still, those who’ve tested online learning to secure a coaching or NLP certification have not been disappointed, according to the iNLP Center.

“Our testimonials are real,’ said Hope. “We’ve had thousands of students since 2011 and from over 70 countries worldwide. For those enrolled in our training program, we have over 20 classes every week. Students can choose how many classes to attend and they never run out of an opportunity to learn. When you enroll, you get unlimited training for life.”

That is different than traditional training where you show up, do the course, then go home.

iNLP Center classes are conducted by trainers Mike Bundrant, Adam Defoe, Steve McVey, Rosella Tocco, Rafael Rocha, and Cari Moisan.

Said Hope, “iNLP Center is so fortunate to have gifted NLP and life coach trainers. All of them came up through the ranks of iNLP and have done such a marvelous job!”

As online training for life coaches expands into the mainstream, institutes like the iNLP Center will be there, ready to greet the future.