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Why NLP Life Coaching is More Effective

nlp life coach

According to NLP life coaching, we all have goals, desires, needs, fears, and blind spots. Generally, we do our best to get the most out of ourselves, do right by others, and move closer to an optimal self and life. But there is an age-old truism that holds more wisdom in it than perhaps most of us realize, that we are our own worst enemy.

But what does this mean?

Does it mean that we are out to harm ourselves? Not usually, unless we are dealing with mental illness. More often than not, it means we are not perceiving the world accurately. It means our focus is wrong, that we let habits and temptations spiral out of control.

It can also mean that we are blind to that which we might benefit from most. In response to this human condition– science and wisdom have produced psychology, self-help, religion, spirituality, psychotropic medicine, and more.

While these solutions work well for many, and not so well for many others, there are newer, more personalized, and scientific methods that we may look to today. Among these are Life Coaching and NLP Life Coaching. As you may have guessed these are overlapping disciplines with one important distinction, NLP. This stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Here, we will discuss both forms of life coaching, and discover the advantages of NLP Life Coaching.

What is Life Coaching?

A life coach is a type of counselor, similar in some ways to a traditional therapist. The important distinction is that a life coach is not trained to, nor will he or she be satisfied with, simply allowing the client/patient to talk through experiences, establish a rapport, and continue an endless number of sessions with or without results. The job of an NLP life coach is to help you achieve your goals, improve your life, and become a happier and more effective person, not to diagnose and treat mental illness.

In life coaching, this is done by helping the client clarify her goals, identify barriers to achieving those goals, and develop strategies to do so. Sometimes the barrier to the client’s goal is a mental or emotional blind spot, a limiting belief, or an emotional impediment. When this is the case, life coaching aims to help the client identify those mental, emotional, or ideological barriers, break them down, and move forward.

For example, a person may desire a promotion at work. But he does not know how to negotiate with his boss. In this case, the life coach will help him to develop negotiation skills. Or, the client may have the limiting belief that no woman could make a good partner for him, even though he desires a relationship. Here, the goal of a life coach would be to break down this limiting belief so that he can pursue his goals unhindered.

What is NLP Life Coaching?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a technique or set of techniques and theories developed in the early to mid-1970s in Santa Cruz, CA by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. Their idea was to create a methodology that could help people to optimize their “cognitive, linguistic, and behavioral excellence.”

According to the theory, our mental and emotional states are deeply interconnected. The theory states that musical tones, smells, images, emotions, and even words all have emotional and definitive weights or tags associated with them. The theory states that we think in images, sounds, smells, feelings, and tastes. Naturally, most people believe that we think in words, but this is only the narrative that we use to describe, codify, and share our thoughts- which are sense-based.

NLP life coaching takes life coaching, as described above, and adds the skill set we learn in the study of NLP. Some NLP life coaching practitioners describe it as the engineering of the mind. In the study of this discipline, we learn that it is akin to opening up the operating system of the mind and fine-tuning it so that we can diffuse limiting beliefs, shut off anxiety, and disassemble internal barriers to our objectives.

The Advantages of NLP Life Coaching

Because NLP has been in practice for over 40 years, we can say definitively that there are some significant benefits when used properly by a trained NLP life coach. They include, but are not limited to;

  • Teaches clients to develop advantages in business through assertiveness and confidence
  • Teaches the ability to influence others by reading and responding to subtle interpersonal cues
  • Promotes positivity and a pro-active approach to life and business
  • Teaches clients to discover the motivations of others to become a better leader
  • Through the study of language, NLP teaches how to speak and write with greater precision and effectiveness
  • Clients can learn to communicate more effectively in personal and professional relationships
  • NLP life coaches learn by exploring their own internal blockages to become more open, honest, and effective as a coach
  • Clients learn to identify and remedy limiting beliefs, root out traumatic memories, and move forward with greater clarity


With ordinary life coaching, we perform and benefit from goal-oriented counseling designed to help the client achieve goals, generate happiness, and become more effective. NLP adds to the skill set of the life coach the tools and techniques necessary to actively change the internal factors holding the client back from his or her stated goals.

Whereas traditional life coaching is not satisfied with simply talking about problems and aims to actually fix them- NLP gives the life coach the ability to transform limiting beliefs and emotional hindrances, while also working to solve problems from a practical perspective.