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Top 7 Life Coach Directories to Join

The life coaching industry is thriving with a 5.5% yearly growth rate. While this is amazing news, it also means that for life coaches, making connections with potential clients is getting more complex in the online space. As a life coach, standing out from the crowd, building a social media platform with a following, and drawing in the right clients can pose as a difficult challenge, but not altogether impossible. With the help of life coach directories, making connections between life coaches and clients is becoming much easier and simpler. Here we will take a look at the top 7 life coach directories to join.

What is a life coach directory?  

Whether you are a life coach or someone looking for a life coach, you might have considered using a life coach directory. 

Life coach directories are online platforms designed specifically to help life coaches and clients find each other. They provide an opportunity for life coaches to put themselves in front of people actively searching for the right life coach for them, while giving the person the ability to sift through the thousands of life coaches online to more easily find the right coach to fit their specific needs.

There are many different life coach directories to join and choosing one to join can get confusing.

We have (hopefully) made your search for the right life coach directory easier for you by researching what the top 7 life coach directories are below.

Top 7 Life Coach Directories

1. Life Coach Spotter

Life Coach Spotter is one of the more popular life coach directories to join. This is probably because of the user-friendly 4 step process you are guided through to finding the right life coach. The homepage gives easy access to the first step, which is a short confidential quiz with results available in less than a minute. The results lead you to your “matches”, the life coaches best suited for your individual needs. Then, you get a free consultation with your top three candidates, and choose your favorite. All coaches that join Life Coach Spotter are certified professionals who have been screened, tested, and hand picked.

2. My Coach Match

My Coach Match is a website dedicated to helping potential clients match with life coaches that are compatible with them and their unique needs and goals. They list 14 different types of coaching on their site, including business, wellness, career, dating, executive and relationship coaching. They offer two methods to helping clients find their coach match. One is the Coach Match survey, where they match you with coaches based on 23 criteria for compatibility. The second method is a Coach Directory, where you can browse through the different categories of coaches to find the right one for yourself. 

3. Noomii

Noomii is a life coach directory with a very special mission to “increase global well-being”. They include hundreds of independent professional life coaches from over 30 countries, including the United States and Canada. Their unique system matches clients to their ideal coaches based on their goals, background, and what they would like to achieve through coaching, as well as their budget. First, you fill out a survey which gets sent to thousands of potential coaches, and after 48 hours you are matched with up to 5 coaches whose experience and background meet your needs. You then get a free 15-minute phone call with each coach to find which one is your ideal fit.    

4. Life Coach Hub

Life Coach Hub is a life coach directory that is simple, straightforward, and easy to use. They believe that finding the right match will yield deeper and faster results, thus they have an opportunity for you to submit a request as to what you are looking for in a life coach. You will be directly emailed back by your ideal life coach matches to see what they “bring to the table”. From there, you are able to pick your favorites and schedule free consultation with them. Another way to use the site is to browse their extensive life coach directory. You can filter your search by coaching specializations, coaching hours, price range, location, languages, etc. As you browse through the coaches, you can easily see ratings, reviews, and price range.  

5. Bark

Bark is an online directory that was created to help you find the best professional services in your area, including life coaches. They help you find the best life coach near you by a simple 3-step process. First, you inform them of your requirements for life coaches, then they contact the providers in your area for you. Then, you receive free quotes from the potential life coaches and can elect to receive notifications via the website or their app. From there, you can decide which life coach is the best option for you. 

6. The Life Coach Directory 

The Life Coach Directory website is unique to all other life coach directories. Their directory is international with members that are the top professional life coaches from every specialty. What makes them unique, however, is that each life coach practices either Hypnotherapy, NLP, or both as their primary therapeutic model. Both Hypnotherapists and NLP practitioners take on a wide range of clients, from students and mothers, to top executives and CEOs.  They help their clients achieve their goals using the latest hypnotherapy, hypnosis, and NLP techniques. 

7. The International Association of Professional Life Coaches

The International Association of Professional Life Coaches (IAPLC) is a website designed with the life coach in mind. As an IAPLC member, coaches get access to monthly marketing training, group workshops, business opportunities, listing in their online directory, and more. IAPLC’s life coach directory includes many different categories of coaching, where potential clients have the option to find exactly what type of coach they have in mind. They can get to know the coaches by looking through their profiles and connecting to their listed websites.