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Wellness Coaching Continues to Appear in Mainstream Press

wellness coaching mainstream press

[ctt template=”8″ link=”o75bC” via=”yes” ]Wellness coaching is growing and the mainstream press is noticing. [/ctt]

This is good news for consumers and for the life and wellness coaching industry. The world needs more coaching. Coaches take notice!

More and More People Suffer from Burn Out

Gone are the days where you would work your normal shift, go home, and relax. More people are working around the clock, as the cost of living increases but wages remain stagnant. And we seem to need to be continually engaged in digital media, which introduces the risk of higher stress among heavy users.

Millennials often look into self-employment to find job satisfaction, running their own business while they have a minimum wage job to make ends meet. More people are now burned out and completely stressed. While they know that stress is harmful to the body—a silent killer—they don’t feel like they can slow down. But they know they need to find a way before they are become exhausted.

Mainstream media is picking up on the need for health coaches. There are now more reports about foods that help prevent chronic disease and restore energy. There is a larger focus on reducing stress. The media is looking into more scientific journals to gather all the data needed to help people create a more enjoyable life.

Doctors and Nurses Are Often Too Booked Up to Help

It shouldn’t be that surprising that wellness coaching has made it to mainstream media like CNN. There is a chronic problem of time available with doctors. Your own family practice may not have adequate time to see you about your chronic illnesses, except for the odd check-up just to make sure you’re on the right medication.

The world of private health coverage and medical care is consistently changing. Costs are rising, and people are left with debilitating chronic conditions that leave them financially stressed. Of course, that leads to more stress overall, contributing to more health problems in the future.

[ctt template=”8″ link=”86b3E” via=”yes” ]Life and wellness coaching have finally entered the mainstream as viable solutions![/ctt]

It Starts with Mind and Body Health

Wellness coaches open your mind to new possibilities for getting rid of the burn out felt on a daily basis and many publications want to help you to outgrow mind and body habits that lead to burnout.

The mainstream media, such as the CNN post hyperlinked above, has picked up on this trend. Mainstream journalists are catching on – they know more people are putting mind and body health first, as science proves your mental state affects your physical state.

More publications are sharing wellness coaching tips and it is set to continue. Good news for the life and wellness coaching industry!

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