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What is Email Coaching and Is It Right for You?

email coaching

Email coaching. Seems too cool to be true, right? But it is right for you?

Becoming a life coach right now is more profitable and viable than ever. In the next few years, the life coaching industry is expected to grow by almost 7% to a record $1.34 billion!

A majority of life coaches stay in the industry long-term, reflecting the vast opportunities in the field. 

If you are empathetic, motivated, and love helping people, life coaching might be perfect for you. But what if you (or your potential clients) don’t have the time or room in their schedule to meet face to face with you or talk over the phone? Is all hope lost?

Not at all! Email coaching is the perfect solution.

What exactly is email coaching? 

Email coaching, sometimes referred to as e-coaching, is life coaching that occurs via email. It is similar to having a pen pal, but one pen pal is entirely focused on the other achieving their goals and dreams.

Email coaching can cover the same topics as “regular” life coaching, including:

• A possible career change
• Deciding whether to move
• Starting a new business
• Resolving interpersonal conflict
• Achieving your goals

The only difference is that all of this takes place through email. Many life coaches who offer email coaching follow the same program they offer to their in-person clients, modified to suit the medium of digital letter-writing.

Benefits of email coaching

For some clients, meeting in person or talking on the phone for an hour every week is simply not ideal—or possible! People like this prefer e-coaching to traditional methods and find a lot of value in it.

Some benefits of email coaching are:

• Always having a complete text record of sessions. That way, the client and the coach can look back to previous emails and see exactly what has been said and what advice has been offered.

• Not having to find mutual time in busy schedules. Often, clients are very busy people and simply don’t have time to set aside for an in-person meeting or a long phone call. They prefer being able to read and respond to coaching methods when it works for them.

• Geographic limitations do not apply. You don’t have to be in the same country or even the same time-zone for email coaching.

• Having time to think and respond. If you like to have time to ponder a response, e-coaching is perfect because you do not have to reply in real-time.

Drawbacks of email coaching

Of course, e-coaching isn’t for everyone. Just like anything, there are some drawbacks of email coaching.

Life coaching centers on good rapport and trust. These things can be difficult to build over email, so the client and coach may not feel very connected. E-coaching is also not ideal for people who struggle with expressing their thoughts through writing.

Finally, email coaching takes time, and if a client needs an immediate answer, the coach may not be able to provide this.


These days, technology can improve almost all aspects of our lives, and life coaching is no exception. Whether you are a life coach who wants to provide more options for clients or someone who needs advice and guidance but doesn’t want to do it over the phone or in person, email coaching is the perfect solution for you.

Here are some examples of email coaching programs for the more curious reader. FYI these programs are not open for enrollment at the time of this writing. They are view-only.

Here’s an example of a live email coaching program. I’m not endorsing this email coaching program, as I have not done it personally.