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Workplace Diversity Cites Life Coaching as a Career for Mompreneurs

life coach diversity has released a piece in which they mention life coaching as a viable way for mompreneurs to earn an income. We can add this to Entrepreneur Magazine’s endorsement of life coaching as a career.

Specifically, the article says:

Moms who can gain a healthy client list can make excellent bank in the personal and life coaching business.

Speaking of “making bank,” life coaches do earn a healthy income on average. Universal Coaching Institute reports in a recently updated post:

A certified life coach salary range is between $27,019 – $210,933.

The average salary of a life coach North America as of 2016 is $61,900.

The average global life coach salary is $51,000.

According to Mike Bundrant of the iNLP Center:

An average life coaching salary (or revenue) is nothing to scoff at. And when you take into consideration the freedom of owning your own coaching business, as well as the mobility working online affords, it’s a very attractive career option.

Like any other career or business, it takes time to establish a life coaching career. In most cases, it’s like starting any other business. Have a transition plan from your current source of income. Work hard and give yourself plenty of time to build. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.