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Life Coaches ~ Write for Us

If you’re a life coach or life coaching enthusiast and want to submit an article (guest post) to Life Coaching Press, please read the following guidelines.

We offer guest post opportunities about life coaching, psychology, and self-improvement. Each guest post is considered to be its own marketing campaign and will be promoted to 40K social media followers (including a paid boost on Facebook). 

We welcome serious writers. Please submit your article on life coaching. We’ll review it before publishing. We’ll be happy to reward your effort by allowing you an editorial link in the body of the article.

We review each article submission carefully and will not link to spammy sites or engage in SEO practices that are against Google’s terms of service.

If you’re still interested in submitting a life coaching article to us, keep reading.

Guest Post Editorial Guidelines

Life Coaches! Write for Us. Here are the LCP article submission guidelines.

You must read the following completely before submitting your article to Life Coaching Press!

Life Coaching Press seeks writers who have an interest and experience in the life coaching industry. This is a news site that supports the coaching industry and seeks to tell the truth, positive and negative, about all types of coaching.

Guest posts and regular contributors will be considered under the following circumstances.

Articles must be timely. Stories must be about recent events or developments in coaching and newsworthy. The subjects of the stories need not be well-known, or of national or international concern, but must be interesting.

Submission to LCP must be 100% original, never published elsewhere, and written in native English with proper spelling and punctuation.

Links may be included in the body of each article, as long as the link is directly relevant to the story and not intended to promote a specific product or service.

All content submitted becomes the property of Life Coaching Press to be edited or deleted at any time, with or without notice. Links included in article submissions should be considered suggestions to the editor, who may or may not keep them in the final, published post.

Minimum word count for articles is 500 words, although we prefer 1500+ words. Longer, well-written pieces will be given priority for publishing.

Please do not submit images with your article. We’ll choose the photos from our database.

You may propose a title for your article, but consider it a working title that may be edited by LCP in part or full.

LCP seeks contributors who will share their work published here on their own social media accounts and websites. If you do not intend to do this, you may not be invited to submit again.

Thank you for reading the LCP writer guidelines. We hope to hear from you. If you’d like to submit an article, please visit our media site. It has everything you need to submit.